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Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Phone ForensicsTo date 61 million Mobile Phones are in use in the UK on a daily basis, with that in mind the demand for mobile phone forensics has increased substantially. Historically phones were used just for communicating, however, they are now far more advanced and have functions such as video and voice recording, taking photos, even emailing as well browsing the Internet. Over the past few years evidence from Mobile Phones has been used in a growing number and greater range of legal cases including 'happy slapping', drugs and murder cases, legal disputes or other HR/disciplinary scenarios.

Mobile phones frequently contain crucial evidence that can be forensically recovered even after it has been deleted.

Our mobile phone forensics analysts are able to examine mobile phones and SIM cards as well as the variety of memory cards that are now commonly contained within them for any data present, including text messages, call records, voice recordings, photographs and videos.

We are then able to produce the Mobile Phone Forensics evidence retrieved in a clear and concise format that is understandable to the client and can be used in court proceedings if it is required.

Our mobile phone forensics experts are able to carry out mobile phone forensics examinations for the following types of mobile phones:


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