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Computer Forensics Investigations

Computer Forensics Investigations Computer Forensics is the preservation, recovery and investigation of data present on a computer hard drive, in a manner so that the evidence it produces can be used in a criminal or civil court, or at a tribunal or other legal/disciplinary hearing. This includes any previously deleted data which can be recovered using computer forensics tools and techniques.

This method can also be applied to examine any other type of digital device and removable media (i.e. DVDs, CDs to floppy disks, mobile phones and digital camera memory cards).

At Athena Forensics our computer forensic experts understand that computer evidence is highly volatile and when used in evidence should be examined in such a way that the data is not altered or affected as any other approach could open up the investigation to legal challenge.

The extraction of data from any storage device is undertaken whilst maintaining the maximum possible integrity of the information recovered and is achieved by forensically imaging a copy of the source media. All computer forensic examinations are carried out using up to date technology following the relevant guidelines and protocols.

Our team of computer forensic experts have been involved in various types of criminal cases ranging from indecent images, fraud murder to drug offences (with both LSC and private funded clients). We are also highly experienced in commercial and civil litigation cases ranging from computer forensic investigations into the recovery of deleted e-mails to the misuse of computers at work.

The computer forensics cases in which we are most frequently involved in are:

  • E-Discovery
  • Identity fraud
  • Forged documents
  • Handling stolen goods
  • Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice
  • Pornographic and Indecent Material
  • Fraud
  • Theft of data and Intellectual Property
  • Drug Offences
  • Grooming offences
  • Internet Activity

A selection of notable cases our computer forensics experts have been instructed in:

  • Operation Duma - Large Multi Handed VAT Carousel Fraud, investigated by Revenue Customs Prosecution Office.
  • Instructed on behalf of a Premiership Football Club as part of Employment Tribunal Proceedings.
  • Operation Pallial - Historic Child Sexual Offences, investigated by National Crime Agency.
  • R - v - KL - Terrorist Offences, investigated by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit.
  • Operation Lakeland - Paedophile Ring investigated by Devon & Cornwall Police.
  • Corporate Fraud Investigation into the Director of a Supermarket Supplier.
  • Operation Carbon - Largest Firearms Investigation, investigated by Greater Manchester Police.
  • Operation Ore - Indecent Images, International operation investigated by Thames Valley Police.
  • Corporate Fraud Investigation into the Managing Director of a National Chain of Health Clubs and Hotels that led to dismissal and Criminal Investigation.
  • Operation Murray - Murder, investigated by Surrey Police.
  • Operation Sequin - DDoS attack on Home Office website, investigated by West Midlands Cyber Crime Regional Unit.
  • R – v – CW – Anonymous DDoS attack of Visa, Mastercard & Paypal.

Types of clients that instruct Athena Forensics:

  • Top Legal 500 Firms
  • Law Enforcement Bodies
  • Local Government Authorities
  • International Businesses

All of our computer forensic experts have a vast amount of experience having completed over 1000 forensic investigations, our experts are renowned within the industry for their comprehensive and clear reports coupled with robust expert witness testimony. They provide a free initial consultation which can greatly assist your case in the early stages. To find out more about our services or to speak to a computer forensics expert please visit our contact us page for details.

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